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10 Aug 2017

Microsoft is not only a name of a company but also a brand on which many people trust. So to maintain trust on people, Microsoft comes up with a new function to solve issues faced by the user.  Microsoft provides a Microsoft tech support platform where any user can come up with their issues and our responsibility is to resolve theirs as soon as possible. 

Before heading towards Microsoft tech support, let’ go on tour to Microsoft features and what are the functions? 

We all aware of the name of Microsoft, A Meta family of the operating system developed and sold by Microsoft. It was initially started on November 20, 1985, as Microsoft 1.0 and later on Microsoft developed many operating systems and presently Microsoft 10 is available in...

09 Aug 2017

How To Fix If Firefox Is Showing a Lot of “Not Responding Messages”?

Firefox can crash for the multiple of reasons, but users can quickly fix most of the crashes with Mozilla’s Safe Mode and Reset all features. However, even these tricks won't resolve every crash for any query contact us our team will assist you.

 All web browsers are complicated pieces of the application that interact with lots of other programs on your PC - themes and extension, security programs, plug-ins, graphics drivers, and much more. Out-of-date software or incompatibilities can often cause crashes. Firefox Customer Support is always ready to fix all issues of web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and...

05 Aug 2017

Nowadays, Users face many challenges while using ink cartridges and they go for replacement or repair or buy new one or also buy branded/dedicated cartridge. And, this type of process becomes much costlier for them. Epson provides compatible cartridges which work easily with every type of printer. But, users still afraid to use them and they ask plenty of questions. Here, Epson Customer Support brings some question and their answers for those users, who knows and very curious to get merits and demerits for the same.

Why should we select an Epson compatible ink cartridge over branded cartridges?

The one main merit of selecting a compatible T0801 cartridge is that they are fully new cartridge but are so much cheaper than...

03 Aug 2017

Yahoo is web based services developed by Verizon Communications It is an office-suite program in a personal information manager. . It was an email service provider and essential part of business  Essentials. 

In Yahoo services, official or business work and involves the mail being downloading from a server and install it as an application. The Yahoo feature of mailing can be easily be accessed from a windows mobile. 

Features of Yahoo: 

  • It provides an Instant messaging application with Face book friends. 

  • It Sends thousands of large photos per email. 

  • View videos from YouTube inside Yahoo. 

  • Organize and manage important mail with subfolders. 

  • It supports Tracking packages in your email from Yahoo. 



The account...

03 Aug 2017

Our first priority and responsibility are to make our customer happy and satisfy by solving their all problems and issues and AOL is a web portal and online service provider and there are many FAQS of AOL so for any query related to AOL support contact our AOL customer support, the team. 

What is AOL FAQS? 

As we all know FAQS means frequently asked questions so there are many frequently asked questions of AOL. 

General FAQS OF AOL: 

1: How do I change my password? 

2: How do I make my homepage? 

3: What's new in the latest AOL Desktop? 

4:  How do I install AOL desktop gold? 

5:  How do I purchase AOL desktop gold? 

6:  What are the system requirements for AOL desktop gold? 


1: What’s the catch?  

There is no catch. 

2: How do I...