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3 Aug 2017

Our first priority and responsibility are to make our customer happy and satisfy by solving their all problems and issues and AOL is a web portal and online service provider and there are many FAQS of AOL so for any query related to AOL support contact our AOL customer support, the team. 

What is AOL FAQS? 

As we all know FAQS means frequently asked questions so there are many frequently asked questions of AOL. 

General FAQS OF AOL: 

1: How do I change my password? 

2: How do I make my homepage? 

3: What's new in the latest AOL Desktop? 

4:  How do I install AOL desktop gold? 

5:  How do I purchase AOL desktop gold? 

6:  What are the system requirements for AOL desktop gold? 


1: What’s the catch?  

There is no catch. 

2: How do I get a broadband connection? 

For this go to AOL broadband or you may also contact with telephone or cable provider to find out broadband connection is available in your area or not. 

3: How do I switch to free AOL plan? 

4: when I switch to free AOL plan will my service will be disrupted? 

No there will be no disruption when you will switch to free AOL services. 

FAQS on extended AOL mail: 

1: How do I purchase extended AOL mail? 

2: Do I need to activate extended AOL mail? 

 “NO need to activate extended AOL mail it will activate your account as soon as you will purchase it.” 

3: Who is eligible to purchase this product? 

This product is only available for AOL users who have their AOL account contact AOL Support.” 

4: will this feature work in AOL desktop? 



Free AOL services include: 

1:  AOL instant messenger. 

2:  AOL video. 

3: Your AOL Username and email account, accessible at 

4: AOL service security. 

5: AOL radio. 

6: AOL search. 

7: AOL contacts. 

Contact us:  

For making a connection with our technical experts you can call us on our customer support number. You can also contact us through our tech support link provided on our website 24*7. We always hope to serve you in your bad times.  So don’t take tension we will assist you as soon as possible and try to make you happy and satisfy this is our first responsibilities and concern because If you are AOL user and you are not with our service so it just a wastage of time so users satisfaction is AOL Customer Support first priority. 


Xbox Support | 4 years 6 months ago
amazing post.

davis allen | 3 years 7 months ago
If you have any issue with AOL Email Account, Don't Worry the best way to solve all issues call us our toll-Free number or visit our site:

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