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3 Aug 2017

Yahoo is web based services developed by Verizon Communications It is an office-suite program in a personal information manager. . It was an email service provider and essential part of business  Essentials. 

In Yahoo services, official or business work and involves the mail being downloading from a server and install it as an application. The Yahoo feature of mailing can be easily be accessed from a windows mobile. 

Features of Yahoo: 

  • It provides an Instant messaging application with Face book friends. 

  • It Sends thousands of large photos per email. 

  • View videos from YouTube inside Yahoo. 

  • Organize and manage important mail with subfolders. 

  • It supports Tracking packages in your email from Yahoo. 



The account gets blocked or hacked? 

This activity seems to be a spammer. Yahoo detects your server as a spammer and doesn’t allow to do any type of activity.  

This is sometimes sound strange that your account has been detected as some malicious or fishy activity is going with your account which is violating Yahoo terms and conditions. In such cases all you have to go through technician help form in Yahoo account and you have to pay $39.99 to technician while your issues have been resolved.

Recover your lost and deleted messages? 

Some email is important to us.  By mistake or by misunderstanding if a mail has been disappeared or gets deleted, don’t get disturbed because YAHOO email support provides you with the option of retrieving deleted messages which are deleted in last 7 days. In this case, you all have to do is just go on to your Yahoo account and submit a request to restore a deleted messages. Sometimes restoration is not always being successful but it takes a while to retrieve your mail. 


Forgot your password? 

This is the most common issue faced by all users. So, in that case, all you have to do is open your Yahoo account settings and there you have to go to account settings and there you have to select reset your password by giving some answers to following questions and carry on to reset your password. Choose strong passwords that haven’t used yet with any of the accounts. 

Above are the common issues which can be faced by new users, YAHOO support services also provide a YAHOO support customer number to look into your issues and try to resolve as soon as possible. 









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