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05 Aug 2017

Nowadays, Users face many challenges while using ink cartridges and they go for replacement or repair or buy new one or also buy branded/dedicated cartridge. And, this type of process becomes much costlier for them. Epson provides compatible cartridges which work easily with every type of printer. But, users still afraid to use them and they ask plenty of questions. Here, Epson Customer Support brings some question and their answers for those users, who knows and very curious to get merits and demerits for the same.

Why should we select an Epson compatible ink cartridge over branded cartridges?

The one main merit of selecting a compatible T0801 cartridge is that they are fully new cartridge but are so much cheaper than OEM cartridges (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Users can make savings of up to 75% more when using compatible ink cartridges despite Original Equipment Manufacturers. The variation in price doesn’t ensure reliability and the very high-quality of the compatible ink cartridge. Compatible cartridges are formed differently to avert any copyright problem that might arise with printer manufacturers. Despite the variation in design but not the physical model of the T0801 ink cartridge, people can be reassured that compatible cartridges are 100% compatible with the printer shape stated on the label or box. They are specifically formed to work with that particular printer model or brand.

It’s vital that customers using compatible T0807 cartridges are confident that these cartridges are fully compatible with their machine and that they will perform. This may be of concern to a user/person because there are situations in which some models of a different company are actually produced using the same machine. For an example, the early printer products of HP LaserJet were produced using the same manufacturing machine and processes as those used by Canon. Because of this, some a Canon and HP ink cartridge may be compatible and can be used in either printer. It’s surely true of the Dell T0529 and the Lexmark 16. It’s actually the same for some third-party manufacturer companies who produce the compatible ink cartridges. They also make use of the same developing processes as some of those used by other printer brands. The people will be unlikely to feel this when buying a printer. Broadly speaking, a compatible T0801 cartridge will give the same printing quality as their OEM competitors. However, a slight demerit to this is that the printing quality will sometimes differ from one manufacturer to another.

Why does a compatible ink cartridge not look the same as the branded ink cartridge?

Sometimes users may notice that the compatible T0807 cartridges differ in its design when compared to the original branded equipment. It’s because most compatible cartridges are formed to look vary so as not to hinder with the intellectual property rights of the original device manufacturer.

What should we do if our printer refuses to recognize the compatible ink cartridges?

When we insert new printer cartridges then there is the possibility that our printer will give an error output 'cartridge is not recognized'. There are some basics instructions to follow to help us get over this issue.

Firstly, carefully remove our Epson T0801 ink cartridge from the printer - be aware that now the seal of the cartridge is broken the ink is likely to drip. Also, don’t try to make any touch with the copper plate 'chip' on the cartridge.

So, clean the copper plate 'chip' with the soft and clean dry cloth to remove any contamination or residue that may be preventing the good link between the printer and the ink cartridge. It would possibly be preventing the device from reading the information on the cartridges.

Try to re-inserting the cartridge firmly until you feel the click. It could possibly be the reason why the cartridges will not be recognized either.

Ask Your More FAQs From Epson Support Center

If you have any other query which is related your ink cartridge or with your printer. So, you can contact to Epson Tech Support Number anytime. They provide support to all customers who are using printer devices via Phone, Chat, and Email services.


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