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9 Aug 2017

How To Fix If Firefox Is Showing a Lot of “Not Responding Messages”?

Firefox can crash for the multiple of reasons, but users can quickly fix most of the crashes with Mozilla’s Safe Mode and Reset all features. However, even these tricks won't resolve every crash for any query contact us our team will assist you.

 All web browsers are complicated pieces of the application that interact with lots of other programs on your PC - themes and extension, security programs, plug-ins, graphics drivers, and much more. Out-of-date software or incompatibilities can often cause crashes. Firefox Customer Support is always ready to fix all issues of web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and UC Browser.

1. You might be using Mozilla wrong. Maybe you have opened a lot of tabs which are using Java, Flash, etc. So, press Shift + Ctrl + Esc keys to open the Task Manager and look at the memory usage of Mozilla under processes. It should generally be 500 MB-700 MB at most, even with 16 or so tabs opened, because Mozilla sends inactive web pages to the Virtual Memory (page file) of MS Windows or any other OS. There should not be more than 18 tabs opened at any one time, especially if you have 4 GB RAM or less of RAM.

2. There may be Mozilla extensions that are hogging unnecessary RAM. To check it, you’re your Firefox browser in safe mode by clicking the menu in Mozilla and selecting Restart option with Add-Ons Disabled. And, see if pages respond now or not.

3. Coming to the Virtual Memory/ Page File, make sure you are not running games or too many other applications alongside Mozilla. They make life hell for the Operating System’s Memory Management. A couple of different applications is fine, but starting with a disk defragmenter, running Eclipse/VS  2013 (Visual Studio), My SQL etc. alongside web browsers when you have more than 9-11 tabs open is really asking for it. Disk Access and Memory slow to the crawl or stop altogether, causing not responding bugs due to cache memory access timeouts. Basically, Mozilla gets tired of waiting for the web page to be loaded from disk and gives up. It also happens if you’ve low space on your disk where the Virtual Memory is located. If it happens, contact to Firefox Tech Support Number for "VM (Virtual Memory) relocation in [windows version]" to move.

4. Disk fragmentation can cause errors/bugs as well. System files that are fragmented take too long time to load, and the bottleneck access for programs. Windows OS generally goes for a dynamic virtual memory size, but it causes lots of unnecessary writes/reads and file resizes to occur. You fix the size of your virtual memory so that it does not fragment all over the disk. You need to check your Hard Disk's fragmentation state by going to visit Firefox Customer Care Number to disk defragmentation of your PC. They’ll analyze the hard disk.

5. Finally, your system may be infected with some Spyware and Malware issues. If you are using an antivirus program, it’s probable that this isn’t the case, but antivirus program isn’t foolproof. In this type of condition, it depends on your PC as to what approach to take.

Contact For Your Browser Issues

If the above-mentioned techniques are not easy to understand for any user or facing much more issues/errors. You can directly visit Firefox Technical Support Number via Email, Live Chat, and Phone with 24x7, 365 days services. Their tech expert team always assist to all customer’s query at earliest with a respective solution.


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