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10 Aug 2017

Microsoft is not only a name of a company but also a brand on which many people trust. So to maintain trust on people, Microsoft comes up with a new function to solve issues faced by the user.  Microsoft provides a Microsoft tech support platform where any user can come up with their issues and our responsibility is to resolve theirs as soon as possible. 

Before heading towards Microsoft tech support, let’ go on tour to Microsoft features and what are the functions? 

We all aware of the name of Microsoft, A Meta family of the operating system developed and sold by Microsoft. It was initially started on November 20, 1985, as Microsoft 1.0 and later on Microsoft developed many operating systems and presently Microsoft 10 is available in the market with new features and functions. Microsoft always developed a Microsoft operating system by keeping in mind about its functions, graphics interface and many other features that make it compatible and reliable for every user and for more information visit

Features of Microsoft: 

1. Lower hardware requirements: 

    Microsoft always pushing new Microsoft operating system every year with new features. Vista has always been popular because of beefiest hardware look better than ordinary .vista had been replaced with Microsoft XP which had found a new lease as OS on every PC. But with the evolution of time, we had seen many operating systems and also work on it. 

2. Search and organization: 

    One of the things about Microsoft 7is improved search tool which is a basic rival of Mac OS X’s   which be able to find quickly and easily. As Microsoft also introduced a concept of libraries which supports my documents at a further stage. In libraries, we can easily store documents, pictures, and other personal stuff at one place. 

3. Safety and security: 

Security features is an essential factor that includes authentication method which consists of PINs and picture passwords .with addition of antivirus capabilities to Microsoft defender smart screen filtering integrated into Microsoft and support secure boot functionality on UEFI systems to protect against malware which infects boot process. 

4. Interface and desktop: 

Microsoft always tries to improve its experience whether it is a tablet computer or touch screen laptops and smartphones.the new user interface is based on Microsoft’s metro design language and uses a start screen. The traditional method of control panel also changed with new touch-optimized settings called as PC settings with many new advanced options in it. 

Disadvantages of Microsoft: 

1. High resource requirements: 

Microsoft requires investing the most of their makers in computer hardware. It always maintained this due to functionality they have added and demand of customers. 

2. Closed source: 

Troubleshooting problems with Microsoft would be so much easier for users and support personnel if only they knew what was actually going on. Only Microsoft has a full access to its software source code and since no log files are generated which can cause a problem by hit and trial method. 

3. Poor remote access: 

They are unreliable, insecure, and expensive and need too much bandwidth or require extra Microsoft network components to work. 

Apart from these, Microsoft always has been the first priority of every user. 

How will Microsoft customer support help you? 

There are many issues arises while installing or activating Microsoft. So, to recover and resolve this issue, Microsoft provides a station known as Microsoft tech support where our technical experts are there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to pull you out from your issues and try to fix as early as possible. 







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